When is it Time to Get Serious About Your Dental Care?

It was a long, hot summer here in Phoenix, and many of us went away on vacation or had other busy commitments. Now the kids are back in school, and life seems as busy as ever, but soon the holidays will be upon us, after which we’ll be exhausted, and then before you know it, it’ll be spring again.

Being busy is a hazard of humanity. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of spare time, money, or energy for everything we want to do. But, the one thing worth investing some of your time and money is dental care, and we’ll explain why.

We’re prepared to help!

We’re prepared to help!

It’s about health

Studies are coming out regularly which point to a direct correlation between dental health and many other systems and functions in the body, most notably the heart and circulatory system. While we can’t change anything about past dental care, even a person who has experienced dental caries and tooth loss can bring about change by forming new habits.

A new start

Dental health is one of the few health systems over which we have a tremendous influence. Quality dental hygiene early in life leads to a lifetime of good habits. A rigorous job of brushing and flossing takes just a few minutes a day, and the rewards last a lifetime. But, even a person who comes around late in the game can take care of the teeth they have and have their teeth cleaned adequately, cavities filled and infections addressed. We see people who have struggled with dental issues, cavities, infections, staining, and just plain neglect. We know it happens and we are prepared to help in any way we can.

Consistent care

The best thing a patient can offer their teeth is consistent care, including regular cleanings and checkups by a professional who cares and understanding. In the long run, this change of habits can pay off handsomely. Brian M., a resident, summed it up when he said, “I discovered that a checkup and a cleaning is a better value than a filling. So, I always go regularly for the checkup and cleanings to avoid the fillings!"

Is the simplistic? Sure, it is. But the element of truth to it is unmistakable.

Changing habits

As your dental care becomes a priority, do not be surprised if you start to avoid doing things which can damage your pearly whites, such as using your teeth as a tool, or for anything other than chewing food. If stains have been an issue and you have your teeth whitened, you might grab a bottle of water instead of tooth-staining beverages like tea. And, finally, don’t be surprised if regular dental care and diligent dental office visits make you want to smile again, and show off those gorgeous teeth.

As you can see, there are many rewards to becoming serious about oral hygiene, and previous behaviors don’t need to set the permanent stage for the teeth you have today. There are so many options and promising treatments that make devotion to dental care an excellent decision. So, to answer the question, “When is it time to get serious about your dental care?” Right now!

If you need a gentle, caring dental team, please call our office at (623) 362-2550. We’ll give you the very best dental care we can!