Get Your Checkup and Cleaning Before the Holidays!

As your friendly dental office, we try to offer the best advice possible to make it easy to keep your teeth at their beautiful best. Our best advice for this month is to get your teeth checked and cleaned before the holidays! Here are some of the reasons

This is where the magic happens1

This is where the magic happens1

You will look great

Holidays and your birthday are two times during the year when you want to look really good. A cleaning will facilitate that. That way, when you see people you haven’t seen since the last big family holiday will say, “Gee, didn’t she look terrific?” Plus, a clean mouth smells nice.

Cosmetic possibilities

Maybe you’re considering having some cosmetic work done. If you are, you still have time to get it done before the holidays start. We get a lot of requests for tooth whitening before the holidays.


Holidays are a time when people take a lot of photos. You want to be proud of your smile when you pose for holiday photos, especially because they’re so often posted on social media, which means everyone sees them.


The holidays can put a drain on your bank account. Getting dental work done now makes it easier to pay for before you have those holiday-related bills rolling in. Trying to pay for too many things at once can be overwhelming. Save yourself the grief.


This time of year is excellent because the kids are in school. When they get out for the holidays, appointments tend to stack up because kids fill up the slots around the holidays because they have days off. The temptation will be to wait until they’ve gone back to school before you visit us, but don't wait. Traffic is also lighter before the holidays.

Eating well

Lots of treats and delicacies are part of the holiday fare. If your dental work is done, you can enjoy all of those delicious treats, knowing your teeth have been checked out and are ready for chompin’!

Catching problems early

We hope we don’t see you in our office for a problem we could have addressed sooner. Not all dental issues can be avoided, but a lot of them can, and the way we do that is through regular checkups. The less regular the checkups are, the more likely we will miss the opportunity to fix something before it becomes an issue for the patient.

Catching problems later

If it’s been a while since you’ve seen a dentist, now is an excellent time to renew your regular visits. Sometimes people who haven’t visited a dentist are embarrassed about how long they let it slide. We hope that you will trust us enough to put this feeling aside and come to see us anyway. We see it all the time, and we understand. We really do!

If you need a gentle, caring dental team, please call our office at (623) 362-2550. We’ll give you the very best dental care we can!