Cosmetic Dentistry

So much more than just 'dentistry' is available. For someone with cosmetic dental issues, it can be pure magic.

So much more than just 'dentistry' is available. For someone with cosmetic dental issues, it can be pure magic.

Cosmetic dentistry has become a popular option for those who have a smile they don’t like, such as misaligned teeth, a gap, or other structural anomalies. Others become dissatisfied with their smile which has changed over the years due to circumstances like decay, staining, chipping, cracking, discoloration, or just plain wear. In situations where a patient’s smile is less than desirable, cosmetic dentistry is a great option.

Cosmetic options

Some of the procedures considered to be cosmetic dentistry are obvious: for example, tooth whitening is the most widespread and universal of all cosmetic dentistry procedures. Other processes include veneers, bonding, braces, implants, crowns, and more. Each situation is different, which means the treatment depends on the circumstances.


Patients who are in the market for cosmetic dentistry wonder if they will like the results. There is an easy way to predict this. Research has shown that people who are generally happy with their face and body before cosmetic dentistry will be pleased with the results of a cosmetic procedure. The reason is that people who are dissatisfied with themselves, in general, are psychologically predisposed to dissatisfaction, even with a noticeable improvement.

People who are self-conscious about their teeth often offer a closed-lip smile.

People who are self-conscious about their teeth often offer a closed-lip smile.


The most rewarding things about cosmetic dentistry for dentists is the effect the results have on patients. One recent example was the case of Linda K.*

Linda had suffered from some dental issues which led to noticeable discoloration of her front teeth.  Like many people who are embarrassed by their smile, she learned to smile with her lips closed. When the decision was finally made to crown her front teeth due to a chipped front tooth, Linda’s life changed dramatically. 

The first few times I smiled after I had the work done, it felt odd, you know, like I could hardly smile at all,” she said. “But it quickly became easier.  That same month, a very old friend died, and I met a lot of people at the memorial service that I hadn’t seen in a long time. I smiled my big new smile at everyone. I’m sure there were a few murmurs, you know, like, ‘She sure looks happy, considering the circumstances,’ but by then I couldn’t help it! I wanted to smile all the time!”

High impacts results are also typical among those who have implants to replace severely damaged or missing teeth. Patients report a profound shift in their self-esteem and enjoyment of social situations. 


Linda was lucky because the chip in her front tooth was covered, in part, by her insurance. Help with the bill left her in a much more fiscally capable situation than if she’d have had to pay for both crowns. Nonetheless, once patients realize that potential help is within reach, they’re suddenly much more willing to alter their discretionary spending habits to have a great smile. In many cases, the results make the financial impact much more palatable.

Social and Employment Gains

Studies have shown that people who are more attractive are treated more kindly in social and business situations. They are perceived as being more intelligent and more capable. Even the patients themselves exhibit more confidence, as the story of Linda K. describes. While cosmetic dentistry isn't for everyone, in some cases, it can have life-changing ramifications.

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