Back to School Dental Care

School has started around the Valley, so it seems appropriate to have a message about back to school dental care. To get the kids (and parents!) off to a good start, here are some ways to make dental care part of a successful back-to-school program:


Limit sweets

Sweets are like food for the bacteria which causes tooth decay. But another culprit is starchy foods such as chips and crackers since saliva turns starch to sugar. Since starchy foods tend to stick to the teeth more vigorously than candy, so that should be considered when choosing snacks.

Better choices are cheese, fruit, hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, nuts, hummus, and raw veggies. When choosing snacks for kids (and yourself!) think of snacks that will fill them up all at once. Excessive nibbling leaves food debris remaining on teeth longer. The same is true of sweet drinks.

Regular brushing

In the ebb and flow of school, activities, friends, and homework, kids can lose sight of the routine brushing and (in later years) flossing, which is the backbone of dental health. Starting healthy habits young will make it easier for them to make brushing a part of their morning and evening repertoire. This one simple habit can save them thousands of dollars in dental repair as adults.

Mouth Guards

If your child is in contact sports, a mouth guard is a must. Mouthguards are also excellent for kids who practice recreational activities such as skateboarding. If your child does chip a tooth, call us immediately for an emergency appointment. The chip can be placed in cold milk, not in water or left dry. In some cases, it can be bonded back to the tooth.

Regular appointments

As soon as your child has their first tooth, regular professional dental care should be a part of their lives. A dentist can not only keep an eye on their dental development, but also catch problems early, show kids better brushing habits, and recommend preventative treatments.

Fluoride and sealant treatments for kids, especially those who are prone to problems, can help a child care for their teeth, especially those crevices and places that are hard to reach. Sometimes a child doesn’t develop the fine motor skills necessary for great brushing until they’re ten years old. So, parental assistance and attention and dental appointments are crucial to their dental health.

Going back to school is an exciting time for children and parents alike. If your child missed their summer dental appointment, why not make them an appointment right now before the busy holiday season begins? Dental care is part of having a healthy, happy child, and we would be honored to be a part of that.

If you need a gentle, caring dental team, please call our office at (623) 362-2550. We’ll give you the very best dental care we can!