Summer Oral Habits

Today we're going to talk about summer oral habits. You may be wondering how a season can affect oral health. Just ask yourself how your practices differ in the summer than in the winter, and that may help answer your question.

Avoid randomness


For example, young people are often out of school during the summer. This time off allows them to load up on sugary beverages and salty snacks. If this sounds like you and your family, there are some options for making treats a less frequent occurrence. One family we know makes their chocolate consumption into a ritual. Instead of buying large candy bars, they buy a small size. Everyone in the family gets one, which they enjoy together as a family. They emphasize that part of the joy of the treat is that they indulge together. Because they have assigned social meaning to the treat, they don't randomly indulge in sweets.

While this may not be of interest to every family, learning to avoid the random consumption of sweets or even alcohol, is worth considering.


During the summer, it's easy to forget to drink enough water. But, it's especially necessary to stay hydrated. Because the days are longer, our biological clocks tell us it's not time to go to sleep as early, which can make it hard to wind down. By substituting water for caffeinated products, even if it's only after noon, we not only enjoy a beverage which is easy on our teeth but are also more likely to be able to fall asleep when we go to bed.

SPF Lip balm

Take care of your lips with a sun protective lip balm to avoid burning and the risk of oral cancer. Lip balm comes in clear or tinted colors, as well as flavored varieties, so there is one which is sure to please everyone. So, make sure there is one for everybody, and take care of those kissers!

Sports safety

If you enjoy a sport, make sure to do so safely. Wear the safety gear, whether it is a mouth guard or something else. Buckle up when you ride in the car. General safety habits will go a long way in the protection of the whole body, including the mouth. Consider a mouthguard while learning sports if you’re likely to fall a lot.

Visit the dentist

Summer is a great time to visit your dentist! Not only is it a fabulous habit to get into, but it can also save you money down the road if any potential dental problems are caught sooner rather than later. "A cleaning," observed one patient, "is cheaper than a filling."

If you haven't been in to see us recently, or if you'd like to be a new patient, we'd love to hear from you! Give us a call and let's make sure that you spend the rest of the summer smiling!

If you need a gentle, caring dental team, please call our office at (623) 362-2550. We’ll give you the very best dental care we can!