Holiday Dental Care--An Advent Calendar for Your Teeth

We’re all so excited about the upcoming festivities--the friends, the gift-giving, and the food.This is truly a time for spreading love and joy, and that kindness should include a little extra love and kindness for the little friends in our mouth.

Our teeth work overtime during the holidays. 

There are the candies. Sticky, gooey caramels which love to stick to our teeth. The hard candies that make a biting double duty. Nuts, which are often found in cookies, cakes, and breads, can get stuck between our teeth. 

Alcohol and sweet drinks such as egg nog and cocoa are part of the holiday backdrop, too. We tend to consume these beverages without thinking too much about their effect on our teeth in the way that we do candy and cookies.

But, it isn’t just the goodies. We have decorating. There is shopping to be done, and the wrapping. Holiday parties include lots of excellent food and drinks. Last minute cards and gifts need to be mailed or dropped off. By a show of hands, how many people are sometimes so tired, they skip their dental care sometimes?

(It’s a good thing this is the internet, so you can’t see how many people raised their hands, because we all raised ours. You aren’t alone.)

Knowing this, we can give our future selves the gift of a little extra dental care during the holidays. To help you brush that one time you don’t want to, or spend a little extra time flossing when you’re exhausted, we want to help make it festive. So, we’ve found a Musical Advent Calendar you can download on your phone which plays a different selection every night--some are classics, and others are new. While you do that little extra bit of brushing and flossing, you can listen to a new tune in the app. It isn’t much, but even a little more goes a long way! Use it as a pick-me-up to get through your night brushing routine, or as a way to start your day in a happy, festive mood!

If you have any dental problems during the holidays (or anytime), give us a call and we’ll make you an appointment. If you don’t need to see us until your regular appointment, have a happy holiday.

And, in an adaptation of the popular poem, 


Green Thumb Local