In-House Dental Plan

Affordable dental care for you and your family.

Treatment you need at prices you can afford

Our goal is to help you make your dental visits more affordable so you can get the quality dental care you want and need. Our very own in-house plan will provide you with tremendous savings. This reduced-fee dental plan allows individuals to receive all the available dental services at Jennifer Fineberg DDS for a percentage discount off the office’s regular fees.

In-house dental plan membership

Once the annual fee is paid and received for the membership program, you will be entitled to discounted-fee dental services for 12 months.


- $5 office visits
- NO deductibles
- Pre-existing conditions are covered
- NO claim forms
- NO waiting period from start of enrollment
- NO annual maximum
- NO treatment limitations
- NO pre-determinations
- NO exclusions on treatment
- NO fighting the insurance company to pay on claims


Membership includes the following services at a charge of only $5   

- 2 routine exams (once every six months)    
- X-rays (4 bite-wings, 2 p.a.’s - once every 12 months)    
- 2 cleanings (prophylaxis - once every six months)    
- 2 flouride treatments

All dental services offered at a 25% fee reduction off our normal fee.


Membership Per Person is Only

$26/mo (+$49 one time activation fee)